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 Shade - Latonka (2011)

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MensajeTema: Shade - Latonka (2011)    Jue Jun 23, 2011 9:32 pm

Shade - Latonka (2011)

Shade - Latonka (2011)
Release 2011 | M4a 256 kbps | 9 tracks | 36:12 min | 74 mb
Genre: Indie / Rock / Shoegaze / Post-Rock | Label: The Cougar Label

Latonka defies easy classification. It is some sort of rock album, but
it's hard to pin down anything further than that. The album is very
moody and emotional, but it tugs at the heartstrings through the
brilliant intertwining of the melodic and rhythmic parts instead of
dramatic builds and falls. The mix seems on first listen to be all out
of order, except that on second listen it becomes clear that their
mixing decisions make the album's mood.
There are heavy,
shoegaze-inspired guitars, but they don't overpower anything. There are
fast-paced drumbeats, but this isn't a punk band. There are yelps and
cries, but this isn't any over-the-top emo band. This is a band that
knew exactly what it wanted to accomplish, then went and did it.
of what it isn't. It is an incredibly emotional ride, as well as a
completely unique one. It draws liberally from the best parts of
post-rock, shoegaze, indie-rock, pop and even modern rock to create an
amalgam that is distinctly Shade's.

1. Bird In Hand
2. Chains
3. Waves
4. CS Keys
5. Plans
6. Lemonade
7. Piggy Back
8. Get There With You
9. Bless Your Heart Betty 1oj66q67
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Shade - Latonka (2011)
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